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Broadway Sings for Pride and Charity By Toby Grace - Out In Jersey magazine "Broadway Sings," now in its fourth year, has already become a major fixture in New York's annual Pride celebrations and the perfect grand finale to Pride Weekend. Staged this year at the elegant Toshi's Living Room & Penthouse at B roadway and 26th Street (drinks are pricey, food reasonable and generous) the evening featured performances by literally dozens of the best artists New York show biz has to offer - and that means the best in the world. The offerings ranged from such absolutely drop-dead, breathtaking acts as Romelda Benjamin's "I've Got A New Attitude"and M.J. Rodriguez (Of"Rent") whose voice of amazing power brought the audience to its feet, to chorale productions including all of the evening's performers.


El Diario


Recently I was at Toshi 's Living Room & Penthouse, a restaurant and lounge with live music located in the Flatiron Hotel. I love live music, because you never know what to expect but always having fun. Upon entering, I noticed the decor very cool, the comfortable sofas and large fishbowl column. At about 10 pm , the place was full to bursting . Toshi 's is designed as a living room with chairs and sofas in vibrant colors. What I liked about the way it is organized is that no matter where you feel, even if the place is full, there is always room to move . Also check out the band from any seat and from the second floor balcony . That night I was in the front row watching LMusik Entertainment, which was the highlight of my evening. The band had everyone dancing with hits like " Happy" Pharrell and other versions of classic songs with a Latin dance mix. The revelers sang and danced in front of the stage with drinks in hand. Be sure to try one of the "vessels of happiness " , such as my favorite drink , "Strawberry Fields Forever" : a sweet and fruity blend of Absolut Vodka with fresh macerated strawberries ( $ 14). If you feel like dinner , try the Paella Valenciana. It is a delicious and perfect main course for two people, with chicken , rice , mussels, Spanish chorizo, clams and much more for only $ 45. You can climb to the attic of Toshi's and enjoy the beautiful views of the Empire State Building and NYC . In Toshi 's Living Room & Penthouse, the atmosphere is fun , relaxed and comfortable. Discover Toshi's for yourself and do not miss to LMusik at 10 pm Admission is free and have a great time . Recientemente estuve en Toshi's Living Room & Penthouse, un restaurante y lounge con música en vivo ubicado en el Flatiron Hotel. Me encanta la música en vivo, porque nunca sabes qué esperar pero siempre te diviertes. Al entrar, me llamó la atención la decoración muy a la onda, los sofás cómodos y la gran pecera tipo columna. A eso de las 10 p.m., el lugar estaba lleno a reventar. Toshi's está ideado como una sala de estar con sillas y sofás en colores vibrantes. Lo que más me gustó de la manera como está organizado es que no importa dónde te sientes, incluso si el lugar se llena, siempre hay espacio para desplazarse. También puedes ver la banda desde cualquier asiento y desde el balcón del segundo piso. Esa noche estuve en primera fila viendo a LMusik Entertainment, que fue el plato fuerte de mi velada. La banda puso a todos a bailar con éxitos como "Happy" de Pharrell y otras versiones de canciones de baile clásicas junto con una mezcla latina. Los fiesteros cantaban y bailaban frente al escenario con las bebidas en la mano. No dejes de probar uno de los "vasos de felicidad", como por ejemplo mi bebida favorita, "Strawberry Fields Forever": una mezcla dulce y afrutada de Absolut Vodka con fresas frescas maceradas ($14). Si tienes ganas de cenar, prueba la Paella Valenciana. Es un plato principal delicioso y perfecto para dos personas, con pollo, arroz, mejillones, chorizo español, almejas y mucho más por solo $45. Puedes subir al ático de Toshi's y disfrutar las bellas vistas del edificio Empire State y de NYC. En Toshi's Living Room & Penthouse, el ambiente es divertido, relajado y cómodo. Descubre Toshi's por ti mismo y no te pierdas a LMusik a las 10 p.m. La entrada es gratis y la pasarás de maravilla. Busca mi columna todos los jueves para tu guía de vida nocturna y sígueme en Twitter @Mabel_Martinez1 e Instagram: MabelMartinez_


Passport Concierge


TOSHI CHAN THE FLATIRON HOTEL, NEW YORK by RICH RUBIN "Hotelier" may be an unexpected title for nightlife maven Toshi Chan, but this dynamo is full of surprises. He started as a math major at Columbia University, and worked in the corporate world before purchasing his first property, an East Village penthouse in an erstwhile Yeshiva. Of course, most people know Toshi as the promoter of the legendary Toshi Panics, most notably at the Puck building, which began years ago and continue to this day. Some might even know him as the scantily clad gay character on Conan O'Brien's show or from his roles in The Departed and Deception. Now, however, you'll find him with his dog Ponzu ("he's with me 24/7") as the concierge/owner/jack-of-all-trades at the Flatiron Hotel at 26th and Broadway. The Flatiron's gay friendliness is a byproduct of an atmosphere that's just friendly in general. "I'm not a big hotelier with lots of resources," says Toshi, "but I want people to feel like they're staying with friends." That's exactly what the atmosphere is like at the Flatiron—well, if your friends had a two story column full of swimming fish, a well regarded restaurant with live music nightly, and a top floor penthouse space for events. The property has almost as interesting a history as its new proprietor. It was developed by a rich foreigner for his son, who attended school in New York and fell in love with the city. After spending tens of millions of dollars, the father fell on hard times and could not finish the project, which had begun in 2007. While major hotel developers shed away (there were numerous lawsuits flying around with the original owner), Toshi, who has never been averse to risks, stepped up to the plate. The Flatiron Hotel (9 W. 26th St. Tel: 212-030-0000., along with the connected Toshi's Living Room and Penthouse (1141 Broadway. Tel: 212-679- 8002., opened in 2011. Nowadays, you'll find the lobby alive with music, people dressed in black on cell phones, diners checking out the hip restaurant, and Toshi and Ponzu overseeing the whole crazy scene. Toshi describes the process with typical modesty: "It was a matter of luck, faith, and immediate action that allowed me to acquire and open what is now known as the Flatiron Hotel, Toshi's Living Room and Penthouse." Where are the coolest places to go for cocktails? I love Angel's Share (8 Stuyvesant St. Tel: 212-777-5415). which is a speakeasy type place above a Japanese restaurant. You enter through an unmarked door in the restaurant. It's very quiet, and they serve beautiful cocktails. The Central Park Boathouse (E. 72 St. and Park Dr. N. Tel: 215-517-2233. is a great place for someone visiting New York, with it's great view of the lake and location right in the middle of Central Park. What are the best restaurants for a romantic dinner in the city? Any place can be romantic, but One if By Land, Two if by Sea (17 Barrow St. Tel: 212-255-8649. is on almost everyone's list of romantic restaurants in New York: fresh flowers everywhere, a piano player, a bit old fashioned but totally romantic. Who serves the greatest weekend brunch in town? Sarabeth's Kitchen (40 Central Park S. Tel: passportconcierge 215-826-5959. is a quality operation with fresh food and dependable consistency. What are the hottest shows in town, and how do I get tickets? Wicked and The Book of Morrnon am two of the hottest tickets in town. I have a personal ticket broker, so just let me know when you want to see it, and I'll put them to work. What museums are a must see for visitors? The Metropolitan Museum of Art (1000 Fifth Ave. Tel: 212-535-7710. is our version of the Louvre—it's almost a religious experience. It's a place for all the timeless art. Another must see museum for visitors is MoMA (11 W. 53 St. Tel: 212-708-9400. There are also a lot of wonderful small galleries, but The Met and MoMA offer one-stop shop-ping for art viewing. Which guided tours do you recommend most often to your guests? Big Apple Bike Tours (Tel: 347-878-9809. I'm a big cyclist. Riding about allows you to clear your mind. It's a great way to see the city. Where can you go to get the best views of the city? Top of the Rock (30 Rockefeller Plaza. Tel: 212-698-2000. in Rockefeller Center offers a 360 degree view of the city: the Empire State Building, Central Park, you name it. The top of the Empire State Building (350 Fifth Ave. Tel: 212-736-3100. is also a safe bet, but you can't see the Empire State Building from there! Where are the best places to workout? I like the offbeat quality and non judgmental nature of Crunch (404 Lafayette St. Tel: 215-624-0120. David Barton Gym (4 Astor Pl. Tel: 215-505- 8600. has a fantastic social element, and I love the decor—I'd put a nightclub there! If someone is looking for a full service spa, where do you send them? Great Jones Spa (29 Great Jones St. Tel: 212-505-3183. is in a good location, has good service, and is a beautiful spot with a waterfall and everything. Designer labels for less—do you have any suggestions for the smart shopper? Century 21 (22 Cortland St. Tel: 212-227-9002. www.c21stores.00m) is still one of the best, though its selection used to be better, in my opinion. What are the best gay/lesbian bars in the city? The Ritz (369 W. 45th St. Tel: 212-333- 4177., XL (512 W. 42 St. Tel: 212-239-2999. www.xlnightclub. com), and BarTini (624 10th Ave. Tel: 917-388-2897. are known for great music and dancing. What are the most popular gay dance clubs in the city? XL (512 W. 42 St. Tel: 212-239-2999. is the newest and biggest club in the city. In the heart of the theater district, it is close to all the best attractions and offers great cocktails and dance music. Where can someone go at 3 A.M. for a good meal? Great NY Noodle Town 128 Bowery. Tel: 212-349-0923. is a place to spend very little money and eat well. Oh my god, I love it. I love cheap dives. Their soy sauce chow mein is amazing. What is the iconic tourist souvenir, and where will we find it? NY Yankees baseball caps, that are sold everywhere. What changes have you seen in the neighborhood since the Flatiron Hotel hotel opened? I've seen the NoMad (1170 Broadway. Tel: 796-1500. open, and I've seen Toshi's Living room and Penthouse take flight on a corner that previously was deserted most nights. Now with Eataly (200 Fifth Ave. Tel: 212-229-2560., NoMad, and Ace Hotel (20 W. 29th St. Tel: 212-679-2222., action and traffic has picked up for the betterment of the neighborhood. This street has become restaurant row. Why should someone choose the Flatiron among New York's thousands of hotels? Because we're friendly, offbeat, and have the best no attitude nightlife in NYC with world class young unknowns singing and performing their hearts out night after night after night. Please finish this sentence: Don't leave the city without... Falling in love, walking through Central Park, taking in a Broadway musical, and shopping, shopping, shopping...


DelShah throws in the towel on Flatiron Hotel suit


Real estate investor Robert “Toshi” Chan said he plans to move forward on his controversial hospitality and entertainment business after turnaround specialist DelShah Capital gave up it’s long-running court battle to take control of the Flatiron Hotel. DelShah, led by chief executive Michael Shah, withdrew a legal maneuver to take control of the boutique property after a state Supreme Court judge signaled plans to rule again in favor of the hotel owners. “The mortgage has been paid off and the foreclosure discontinued ,” Shah told The Real Deal in an emailed statement. “The litigation over the contract has currently been settled.” Hudson Realty Capital, a Manhattan-based fund led by David Loo and Richard Ortiz, refinanced the debt, according to Shah and confirmed through documents filed Dec. 30 with the New York City Department of Finance. DelShah fought a pitched battle to take over the boutique hotel at 1141 Broadway, after acquiring the defaulted $8 million mortgage debt and later entering a $31 million deal to buy the property from George Hourani. DelShah did the deal with Hourani, the head of construction firm Born to Build, in May 2013, after that contractor won a $3 million court judgment from Ibrahim Saleh, who DelShah says was a member of the hotel’s ownership group. In December, the remaining owners of the Flatiron filed a motion to dismiss the suit, claiming that the judgment against Saleh, who fled the country following a federal conviction on an unrelated fraud case, could not be enforced. Jagdish Vaswani, one of the hotel’s owners, argued that the hotel sale was invalid, because Saleh was not authorized make decisions for the property. “Put simply, DelShah’s action is an attempt to force the true owner of the Flatiron Hotel [Vaswani] to sell to DelShah the property based upon a purported agreement which was signed by someone who does not own the property and therefore had no authority to enter into the agreement,” said attorney Ronald Francis, in a Feb. 5 court filing. In a settlement agreement dated Feb. 10, DelShah withdrew the complaint and canceled the notice of pendency against the hotel, and agreed to pay $10,000 in legal fees to the hotel owners. According to the agreement, DelShah does not admit any wrongdoing. Shah told The Real Deal that he still believes “that there is ample evidence” that Saleh is the true owner of the hotel, but admits that the judge was about to throw the case out. Meanwhile, Toshi, who managed the hotel through a lease deal with the owners, said he plans to continue running the hotel, noting he will expand his hospitality business. Last year, Toshi agreed to pay $1 million to settle a lawsuit with the city of New York over his illegal extended stay hotel business. “The end of all of the litigation surrounding the Flatiron Hotel means I can now expand my hospitality and entertainment business on solid ground,” said Toshi. “The seller, Jay Vaswaini, honored his deal to me despite intense pressure and at great cost.”


West 26th Street heats up with 5 new venues


Go by the lit-up space on the corner of 26th Street and Broadway any time past 10 o’clock, and you’re liable to see young men and women dancing atop plush couches and chairs with cocktails in hand. Welcome to Toshi’s place. The spacious lounge within the Flatiron Hotel is a swinging scene, thanks to live music six nights a week: sometimes local indie acts, sometimes big names — like Ryan Innis, from “The Voice,” who played here last week. The man behind it all is Robert “Toshi” Chan, a notorious hotelier who’s had some brushes with the law and played a gang boss in Martin Scorsese’s “The Departed.” 1141 Broadway;, 917-432-8810


Manhattan Sideways Toshi's Living Room


Having spent years throwing parties and doing his best “most interesting man in the world” impression, Robert Chan, a.k.a. Toshi, seems to have settled down. After starting his career on Wall Street, Toshi became an actor (appearing most notably in The Departed), all the while hosting mega-parties that became famous citywide. Now, he has been trying his hand in the hotel business, running the Penthouse and Living Room in conjunction with the Flatiron Hotel for the past few years….and, by what we could discern, rather successfully. The living room downstairs serves as a funky music and performance venue, with live acts every night of the week. The couches are cyan, magenta and golden and might have been designed by a stylish Dr. Seuss. A circular tank houses all sorts of tropical fishes, including sharks, and juts up to the second floor mezzanine. There is a bar on each of these first two floors, with an experienced mixologist slinging all sorts of spirits until two in the morning. But it is upstairs, in the Penthouse, where there is a minimum spending limit so the vibe is a bit more exclusive (all hotel guests have access). Emphasis is placed on outdoor seating, with the Empire State Building providing a powerful backdrop. On any given night, alongside the live performances, Toshi’s affable canine companion, Prince Ponzu, can be found frolicking with his owner. The entire operation reflects Toshi’s emphasis on hospitality. Guests can often find him mingling amongst their ranks, or fully engaged in friendly conversation with his performers. Once a first timer in the hospitality business, Toshi has made his mark by welcoming thousands of guests into his own party setting. He has clearly become a seasoned veteran.


Flatiron Hotel: New York’s Premier Hotel in the Flatiron District


Located on the corner on 26th Street and Broadway, off the beaten tourist path, Flatiron Hotel is an easy walk to Times Square or Chelsea. Or you can plan to simply hunker down in this luxury boutique hotel. Featuring oversized windows, the hotel’s 65 rooms are spacious, bright, and luxurious, with 600-thread count linens, Wifi, an LCD TV, and an iPod charger/dock. But the pièce de résistance is the bathroom with amenities like Swiss rainfall showers or Jacuzzi bathtubs and televisions in the bathroom mirror. When you can tear yourself away from the room for dinner, head down to Toshi’s Living Room, a fabulous venue for cocktails and dinner with a floor-to-ceiling fish tank as its centerpiece. Live music starts as early as 6 pm every night. The menu features moderately priced comfort food, the music is loud, and the crowd is lively —but not too much so. The night we checked it out there was an eclectic mix of tourist couples, a bachelorette party, families of the performers, and servicemen. Just as much fun was watching the passers-by on the street, stopping to gape into the floor-to-ceiling glass windows to see what the heck was going on in this quiet neighborhood so early in the evening. Robert “Toshi” Chan himself, the majority shareholder in the hotel, is usually on-hand for the festivities. Super-suave and enthusiastic, he darts around, making sure dinner guests are happy, shining a spotlight on the entertainers, chatting with patrons at the bar, and checking in on his canine friends in the dog seating area outside. Oh, and if you think he looks familiar, it’s because he played a triad boss in the DiCaprio/Nicholson film The Departed. For those looking to host an event or a private party, inquire about Toshi’s Penthouse. This 4,000 square-foot rooftop bar has a spectacular view of the Empire State Building to the north, and is a perfect spot to hang with friends above the fray, while enjoying a signature cocktail (aka Glasses of Happiness). Dine: The menu at Toshi’s Living Room is almost as entertaining as the music, with dishes such as Tiger Eat Mango Salad, Shut Up & Beef, and Veg Out Bitch!


Live Venue View: Toshi’s Living Room, New York City


Style and sonics may match up well in studios, but they go together even better in live venues. Both are in ample supply at Toshi’s Living Room, a versatile new destination in the Flatiron Hotel at 9 West 26th Street in New York City. Established by hotelier and party magnate Robert “Toshi” Chan, the space does more than just reflect his exuberant sensibilities – it shows he knows that a gathering is made even better by great live sound. Stars are welcome, but emerging artists also have an open invitation here. No matter who takes the stage, Toshi’s Living Room is clearly committed to a superior sonic experience, as evidenced not just by the elite gear manifest, but the careful thought that its namesake owner put into it. Here’s how Chan planned it: Live Sound Objective “The live sound achieved at Toshi’s depends on the genre of music, which varies from Cabaret to Jazz, Latin, Rock, R&B, Top 40, and Soul. We stay true to its essence, making it sound as if you were listening to the actual record. Also, we really focus on the band, as well as the crowd’s energy. It is a good match for the type of artist who will play at the club because it provides a warm welcome atmosphere where artists can truly express themselves, have fun and feel part of a family.” Gear to Get There “The Allen & Heath mixer helps us to achieve these goals by allowing control of what comes out of the house monitors and stage monitors, accommodating both the band and crowd. I am particularly fond of the Lexicon mx400 effects processor because it acts as a sweetener – call it ear candy if you will. The sound of good music gravitates people towards the band.” A Distinctive Venue “It’s not just live music, it is the overall family experience that you receive when entering Toshi’s Living Room. The live music is a plus, as it gives artists an opportunity to showcase their talent to everyday working people who enjoy and appreciate something that is not typically offered anywhere else. Toshi’s live music takes place six days a week with two bands a day, along with good food, drinks, and a great crowd.” System Set List Analog 16 Channel Allen & Heath Mix wizard, 2 SM58 Wired Microphones, 3 Shure PGX Wireless Microphones, 3 Shure SM57 Microphones, 1 Shure Beta 52A, 4 DI Boxes various manufacturers, 2 QSC K12, 2 JBL SRX Series Speaker, Crown XLS 1000 Power Amplifier, DBX DriveRack Loud, Speaker Management/ Processing System, 1 DBX 31 Band EQ, DBX Dual 15 Band EQ, 2 -2 Channel Compressor/Gate/Limiter, Lexicon MX4000 Effects Processor, Furman Power Conditioner


China Press


In the U.S. version of "The Departed" (The Departed), there is a figure named Robert Chan's Chinese gang leader, might not many people pay attention to this role, but in real life, Chen Jiayuan (Robert "Toshi" Chan) is well-known for a young Manhattan hotel magnate. His latest hotel project - located on the 26th Street "Iron Hotel" (Flatiron Hotel) and the hotel on the first floor of Toshi's Living Room Bar is very popular among young people. Although Robert "Toshi" Chan's name rarely appears in the Chinese community, even people speculate that he might be the ancestors of the Chinese race Latin Americans, but Chen Jiayuan first side in an interview he explained that he was a hundred percent Chinese, Cantonese fluently, But Mandarin not. Origin born in Hong Kong, Guangzhou's mother and father arrived in San Francisco in 1973, not long after, gave birth to him. He is also an only child. Chen Jiayuan said he grew up in a typical immigrant families. Mother working at the post office, his father worked as a social worker, ran a grocery store. He himself in San Francisco a Catholic secondary school, grew up poor communication, the students even can not remember his name, most people just call him "Chan". But he touches on a very popular Japanese classmates Toshi memories, so many years later in New York to start their own business, he just put Toshi as his own personal brand. After graduating from high school, Chen Jiayuan came to New York, enrolled at Columbia University Department of Mathematics, and has since changed the talkative style, the school became well known Party king, when held up to 4,000 people attended the party, and thus he earned a lot of money. During the study he also had a bartender elective courses, and let him thus generate interest in this area. Before graduation, Chen Jiayuan found an internship at Citibank, and soon after became a bond trader, responsible for tens of millions of dollars every bond trading. Chen Jiayuan, said at the time he learned the most important lesson is that the best traders to be able to in the case of incomplete information to make the best choice, it is his secret for business success later. Working on Wall Street after more than five years, Chen Jiayuan left Citibank, he made a lot of people shook their heads to hear the decision - He was going to be an actor. He also used his savings to make the down payment, bought the East Fourth Street, Lower East Side apartment, and later moved not far from the famous Puck Building. In the following 10 years, Chen Jiayuan hand starred in TV series, movies and Broadway plays, on the other hand continue to organize various large-scale gatherings, to make money by selling tickets and begin buying and selling a variety of real estate. Although so far he has not performed a few can make people remember the role, but his party and the hotel business is done fast. End of July in 2011, Chen Jiayuan depend on his intuition, bought the then beleaguered Midtown Manhattan "Iron Hotel", in addition 2-12 floor rooms accidents, he was in the lobby and roof were opened the Toshi's Living Room and Penthouse bar. Opened two years, business is booming, even every Monday are able to usher in five six hundred guests. Chen Jiayuan, said his bar is to make the most important features guests the feeling of home, so called "Toshi's Living Room "(Toshi living room). Besides, he also met with a dozen young band to establish a partnership and hope for these young people in music provide a good performance space. Chen Jiayuan said that usually many bars don't treat the bands well, but he insisted to change this situation, he wants to help those young successful band is currently working with him one of the band L Musik has been invited to perform at Obama's inauguration. Although business is booming, but Chen Jiayuan also said that nothing is easy, nothing can be all smooth sailing. Fortunately, this is his favorite cause, so more bothering him too fun. How often invite parents to come for a short stay at the hotel, Chen Jiayuan jokes that his mother refused to live in the hotel, always insisting to stay in his house.


Your Guide to Summer in NYC


Weekends in NYC are active, fun, and really help you unwind after a long work week, but there are also great weekday happy hours and plenty of spruced up menus to entice your inner foodie. If you want to be in the know on what’s happening in NYC, then keep reading because summer in the city is sure going to be fun! Toshi’s Living Room at the Flatiron Hotel combines a wonderful experience that’s more than just another nightclub. Here, they showcase live music and their enticing restaurant menu gives you a party-like restaurant experience. Experience the party every Friday and Saturday night in NYC!


Fantasy Friday: Flatiron Hotel's $8,000 Birthday "Pimping" Package


Here's the latest happening in the luxury hotel world as told by Got a question about luxury hotels, the travel biz, and where to stay? Send it in and we'll have JustLuxe answer it. Whoever came up with that little motto “It’s the thought that counts” for special-occasion gifting is a more spiritually evolved creature than we (or Kristen Stewart …or Johnny Depp’s new piece) will ever be. Loving thoughts are appreciated, but if you really want to make our next birthday memorable, please book us the VIP birthday package at the Flatiron Hotel. Specifically, the one that comes with a private sushi chef, a classic Cadillac Deville ’65 with chauffeur, four tickets to the New York Giants, and all-day spa treatments for all the friends who are staying with us in the 4000-square-foot Toshi’s Penthouse. Plus a few more little things we haven’t detailed (full package details after the jump). It’s $8000 per person, plus tax and tip, but if you love someone, money’s a small price to pay, right?


The Rumble


Devils legend Ken Daneyko joined Giants David Diehl and Mark Herzlich at the opening of Little Town NJ restaurant and bar in Hoboken on Wednesday night. Co-owners Chris and Albie Manzo of “Real Housewives of New Jersey” and their mother Caroline hung out with the sports stars while John Legend took in a performance by tween rockers Giffords Lane. ... Jets defensive end Muhammad Wilkerson will be at Citi Field on Thursday to speak to more than 200 children as part of the Citi Field Kids Program. ... Iman Shumpert hit the town with his girlfriend recently at Toshi’s Living Room in the Flatiron Hotel and noshed on buffalo chicken wings and sliders. ... Plaxico Burress and Frank Gore had a blast at Flatiron “sports-meets-nightlife” staple, Bounce Sporting Club’s famous “Sunday Funday” party. The two ordered Bounce’s infamous “10 spiced Koreatown” wings, sliders, and Belvedere and Don Julio cocktails. They danced and were more than happy to take pictures with other party go-ers.


Toshi Soars Sky-High


In the wake of Toshi's Living Room's tremendous popularity and success, hotelier, Robert "Toshi" Chan has recently announced the imminent opening of Toshi's Penthouse Bar & Rooftop, which rests above the swanky Flatiron Hotel. Here at Joonbug, we had the pleasure of enjoying live music at Toshi's Living Room after it had recently opened. We can expect the same comforting and cheerful atmosphere evoked by Toshi and his staff when Toshi's Penthouse Bar & Rooftop opens this May, just in time for those hot summer soirees. Toshi's Penthouse Bar & Rooftop offers an inviting, no frills, calming retreat to escape the hustle and bustle of the Flatiron District. If you go to their website, you'll see that Toshi seeks to maintain a "simple, real, and kick-ass" ambiance. Boasting 3,500 square feet on the 12th floor of the Flatiron Hotel, the rooftop offers breathtaking views of the Empire State Building and surrounding architecture. With floor to ceiling windows and indoor and outdoor private spaces, with tasteful yet understated decor suitable for hosting any event, Toshi goes above and beyond to fulfill his promise to provide a "kick-ass" environment. One little caveat: They have a strict "NO MEANIES" policy, so be sure to check your bad attitude at the door. For more information and to take a look at Toshi's dinner and drinks menu head to their website.


8 Outdoor NYC Bars To Experience This Spring


Guests may experience a sensory overload once they enter Toshi’s Living Room above the Flatiron Hotel. The bright lights, two-story fish tank and live music is a lot to take in, but once your eyes adjust, you can see you’re in one of the top outdoor bars in NYC. Visitors may even run into owner Robert Toshi (and his dog Ponzu), who has a reputation for throwing some of the swankiest parties in the city. This place has weekly events, like Soul Night on Mondays, as well as charity events.


Mad Park News - Toshi’s Penthouse rooftop lounge will open in May


The rooftop of the Flatiron Hotel (1141 Broadway at 26th Street), aka Toshi’s Penthouse, will open to the public in May and it looks like they did a nice job with its design (see photo below). It’s 4000 square feet of space that can handle a 150-person banquet or a 350-person cocktail party. It has views out on to the New York City skyline and the Empire State Building. Currently they are booking the space for birthdays, weddings and events, but word is they will open to the general public select nights of the week in May and will kick things off with a launch party (Check out the Toshi’s Living Room & Penthouse Facebook page or @ToshisLivingRm for more info). This place looks like it is going to be a great spot for drinks this summer (it’s hard to imagine those hot summer nights right now but we know they are coming).


Flatiron Hotel: Travel for Pet Owners Made Easier at Modern Boutique Hotel in NYC


Pet owners know that successful travel with a pet not only depends on advance preparation by the pet owner, but also on organized planning by hosts at the destination. When traveling to New York City, you and your pup are welcome guests of Toshi, the iconic owner of the Flatiron Hotel, and his dog Ponzu. Toshi and Ponzu roll out the red carpet (literally) welcoming furry guests to the Flatiron Hotel with designer welcome kits.


Flatiron Hotel Will Launch Toshi's Rooftop Bar This May


A sure sign of spring? News of new rooftop bars sprouting up around town. Today we have word that the Flatiron Hotel will launch Toshi's Penthouse Bar and Rooftop, a spinoff of the Toshi's Living Room, a live music venue off the lobby of the property. This watering hole will have awesome view of the Empire State Building and will be open Monday through Saturday starting in May. There's an interior space for rainy nights and the property is pushing the joint for private shindigs. File this as yet another reason we're excited to the arrival of spring (9 West 26th St.).


Toshi’s Penthouse Bar at The Flatiron Hotel to Open in Spring 2013


Renowned hotelier, Robert “Toshi” Chan, owner of the Flatiron Hotel, is pleased to announce it will open Toshi’s Penthouse Bar & Rooftop atop the Flatiron Hotel in May 2013. Preceded by the success of the hotel’s live music venue bar and restaurant, Toshi’s Living Room, the Penthouse Bar & Rooftop is an indoor and outdoor private space that offers spectacular views of the Empire State Building and surrounding New York architecture. Toshi’s inner sanctum, nestled over the Manhattan skyline, is a socially curated venue that boasts 3,500 square feet on the 12th floor of the Flatiron Hotel. Toshi’s Penthouse Bar & Rooftop features floor to ceiling windows facing North, East, and South with doors that lead out to the open terrace. Comfortable outdoor lounge seating and tables adorn the breathtaking exterior oasis. Toshi’s Penthouse Bar & Rooftop will be open Monday through Wednesday from 5pm to 1am and Thursday through Saturday from 5pm to 2am. It is available for private functions and is the perfect setting for events such as book release parties, corporate parties, charity auctions, and private social gatherings. The outdoor and indoor spaces make exceptional backdrops for any type of event. About Toshi’s Living Room & Penthouse at The Flatiron Hotel Renowned hotelier Robert “Toshi” Chan, owner of The Flatiron Hotel, is pleased to debut Toshi’s Living Room & Penthouse, the hotel’s live music venue bar and restaurant. The menu, which includes tasty dishes like “Salmon Sex” with hibiscus and mashed edamame and “Just Shut Up & Beef” prime aged ribeye with pomegranate peppercorn sauce prepared by Chef Jordy Lavanderos and his team. Lavanderos is a Mexican-born chef and a graduate of the Institute of Culinary Education in New York City. The restaurant and bar are located on the ground floor of The Flatiron Hotel, located at 9 West 26th Street at the corner of Broadway. Live musicians play every night beginning at 6pm, drawing a lively crowd and a diverse group of artists.


CNN iReport Special seating for pooches


CNN PRODUCER NOTE marjfz photographed this image of priority seating for pups at the restaurant, Toshi's Living Room in New York, New York, days after Hurricane Sandy. She says this restaurant was one of the few establishments up and running during the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy. 'I guess the oddest thing is this photo, which is so light-hearted, was that it was taken during the power failure,' she says. 'I found it amusing that there was seating designated for dogs, and the dog in the photo seemed so happy to be there.’ - Jamescia, CNN iReport producer This restaurant on Broadway and 26th street offers extensive, outdoor "priority seating for dogs". This dog seems quite comfortable with the arrangement,