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The Full Circle Band

Jul 7 8:00pm - 10:00pm

The Full Circle Band live at Toshi's Living Room

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Irma Seleman

Jul 7 10:00pm - 12:00am

A funky songbird from the East. She puts together grooves, melodies and harmonies that reflect her experiences in life, love and music. A singer, songwriter and arranger bringing the music of “Soul” and “R&B” into her own Malaysian sound. Influenced by musicians such as Jill Scott, Anita Baker and Stevie Wonder, Irma is always inspired by nature, love stories and everyday life. She believes that music is made to bring people from different countries, races, color and gender together as one. Irma not only sings and writes music but also arranged and produced her music as well as other upcoming independent artists. She'll amaze you with her voice and personality on stage! www.reverbnation.com/irmaseleman

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Lynn Bongiorno

Jul 7 6:00pm - 8:00pm

Lynn Bongiorno was born and raised in New York City. She is currently recording and performing. She has also been asked to use her voice in recording commercials and narrations. She has performed at Roulette, Sidewalk Cafe and nightclubs in the NYC area. Her style is an amalgam of influences including jazz, folk, and blues.

Enjoy live band. Enjoy life.

Toshi’s Living Room & Penthouse raison d'être is to produce rapture…moments of rapture for all those who come…moments where you’re happy to be alive and wanting to live forever.   Sounds crazy.   We know.   It’s what we want to do.

Guests coming to Toshi’s should experience coming to Toshi’s home:  good food, good cheer, understated yet sublime where, when we’re doing our job, for those moments, you’re truly happy and content and enjoying.  Whatever happened at work or at home, whatever else is going on in your life, that’s all left at the door, the moment, Ponzu, greets you with a wag of a tail and atwinkle in his eye.  You enter comforted by the assurance thatPonzu, our door Morkie, senses niceness and barks at meanies. We have a no meaniesdoor policy and Ponzu's very strict in protecting of our home.

Performers at Toshi’s can expect unconditional love.  When performers are given unconditional love; like children, they  flourish.  Toshi’s mantra to all his “children” is for them to soar.  We want to see performers debut at Toshi’sand go on to catapult onto the world stage…beyond Toshi’s.     Toshi’s Living Room & Penthouse is owned by a performer (toshi), who can also count beans, but visualizes that inspired performers = inspired guests = inspiredbean counting.

No PR.  No advertisment.  No hype.  If you know about us, that’s because a friend told you.  Toshi’s Living Room & Penthouse wants to remain simple, real and kick-ass.  That’s our mission.  That’s our duty.  That’s our promise to you, guest and performer alike.  That’s what makes us happy to be alive and wanting to live forever.


Celebrating a birthday or other special event. With 8 friends or more?

Toshi & Ponzu will buy you a complimentary bottle of house champagne here at Toshi's Living Room with reservation guaranteed by credit card.